Thursday, November 30, 2006

passions make us free

my good friend tim jackson posted a great article on his blog about how he races (bike race). what's great into it is that you feel the river of the passion flowing across his words.
passions make us free.
i'm 47 but i started to snowboarding one year ago and bought a kona freeride bike.
when i'm skyrocketing down a hill or a white road, that's the perfect moment.
the moment when our inner part shows at its best.
but it's the passion that i feel when i talk about wine or art.
too many, you may say, not so much i would argue.
and passion is the real added value we can put on the table on our day by day life, to mark the difference in doing a job or in living it. and that's something that the discerning clients and customers clearly perceive.
live you passions.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Thank you my friend. I appreciate the kind words and completely agree that passion is the difference.

gianandrea said...

we all should live for passion