Monday, April 16, 2007

Rome, May 12, 2017

Few years ago, the devil in the internet world had one face. This one:

Scaring, isn't it?

Today, we live in a perfect world where some wise and nice looking guys have made our life easier and better.

This guy has put his hands over the music system, the movie market. Any song you want to download, any movie you want to see, you owe him a royalty. The box office is no longer based on the ticket sold but on the download from his network of web sites. He manages the most important artists and organize their tours around the world and the merchandise. (Rumors say he is keeping Mickey Mouse as a hostage but, as shown in the picture, they are very good friends!!!)

These two guys just bought internet. A stated in this latest news, google just made an offer in cash to buy the whole internet with huge benefit to the end users.

Seriously, don't you feel a little uncomfortable with the power that all these guys are concentrating in their hands?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

at home with books

reading is one of the pleasure of life. buying books, too.
then the problem is to make a catalog not to buy two times a title or to get quick reference when you write an article or a document.
this morning i want to spend this space to talk of a software, Delicious library, which make this catalogue in a smart way.
when installed, you turn your webcam in a scanner, pass the book in front of the cam, it reads the barcode and the book in recognized and catalogued with all the details.
it works with the amazon database for us, uk, france, japan, germany and france.
you can catalogue cd and movies, too.
as it is a smart piece of software it work on mac only ;-))

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

to whom pay the royalties?

this morning i saw this smart post by maurizio goetz.
and it make me think about the issue of the copyrights and the battle between the majors and the web.

  1. the business of the majors was to invest money to produce a singer or a group and to earn from the lp, cassette and cd sales
  2. singers and bands were getting most fo their money from the live acts
  3. some of these singers and bands made up a form of pension plan with the right to reproduce their music
  4. everyone was living a happy life until technology broken the game
now, my question is should we turn down technology or it's an issue of the majors to change their business model?

CK's love

This is what i mean when i write about being part of a community.
Check this out.
It's for a special friend and her family.
God bless them.

Friday, April 06, 2007

buddhism and the sharing attitude

since years i've been truly fascinated by the buddhist attitude towards life.
i also attended an introductory course to buddhism in a monastery here in italy, the place where the dalai lama stays when visiting my country.
and in my google page i linked to a site providing daily meditation thoughts.

i wish to share with you the one for today.

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. - Buddha

several reasons to do so:
  1. i feel we are part of a community even if a non declared one
  2. when something happens to one of "us" the support from the rest of the community is immediate and strong
  3. this community is based on the rule of sharing
  4. it goes beyond any personal believe
  5. it grows through the six degrees of separation rule (a link to another link to another link.....
  6. it's for a friend of "us" living a tough time
am i a bit too transcendental?

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Monday, April 02, 2007

a quick comment about the annoucement of the deal between apple and emi. you know i'm a huge apple fan and i strongly believe that this company has the leadership is the major changes in the music market as we knew.

with this last move, apple is helping the music majors to save their own business, if the majors will get the message.
if not, i suppose that soon we'll see some business to shut down their premises.

anyway, this deal is a smart move for a reason that many commenters in the us may not have seen.
lately, the european commission on behalf of some european countries warned apple to remove the block to reproduce the songs bought on itunes.
this warning could have driven to serious trouble to apple with huge fine, as it happened to microsoft.

apple move was smarter than it seems: the deal was closed with the major european music label.
a sign of good will to gain some more time.

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