Thursday, November 23, 2006

why do always bother you?

is marketing sometime boring? do we read too much bs around?
i decided to open a weekly window on something more funny: the dinner of the week.
i'm rather good at cooking (it means that up today none of my guests went to the hospital or died for :-))) and at least once a week a invite some friends for a dinner.
tonight: all meat (sad for vegetarian, but next week i'll find something for you too)

entreè paella of chick peas and sausage
main course fillet in crosta of dried tomatos and almonds
wine 2003 pinot noir from chanson pere et fils (burgundy)

entreè coarse chop the sausage and brown it without any dressing. take it away from the pan. put in the same pan some olive oil and onion, red pepperone and a tomato (all the three minced). when start to brown add the rice and make it lightly toasted. then add some beef bouillon, wine, paprika and saffron. let it cook for 15 minutes, covered. then add chick peas and the sausage and adjust salt and pepper. let it cook for an additional 10 minutes. when ready serve it in small quantity with minced parsley.

main course prepare a puree with dried tomatos and add the minced almonds. cover the higher side of the fillet. put in the oven warmed up at 220° for 15 minutes. serve with romana lettuce.

what you need to feed four people:
the entreè 250 g of sausage, one onion, one red pepperone, one tomato, 280 g of rice, paprika, beef bouillon, saffron, one glass of white wine, 250 g of chick peas, parsley, olive oil, pepper and salt

the main course 4 fillet of 200 g each, 4 table spoon of dried tomatos and 4 of almonds, salt and pepper, romana lettuce.


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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

G, that sounds incredibly delicious! I will be stopping by your home the next time I am in Italy. We'll go for a ride, then we'll have a great meal. Sounds bellisimo!

gianandrea said...

the dinner was ok yesterday. and i have a lot more suggestion. ok for the ride and the meal. by the way your turkey looks very good too.

Michael Wagner said...

g, i'm deeply committed to eating - food is one of my core values! grin.

i need to take time and learn my way around the kitchen one of these days.

but i do know my way around the dinner plate.

thanks for sharing!

gianandrea said...

rock the kitchen!!
micheal, thanks for the comment. the world both needs people committed to eating and people committed to cooking. stay tuned for more.

CK said...

Ah, you're providing us some cooking lessons in addition to marketing ones.

Food is far more important anyhow :-). Bon appetit!

gianandrea said...

ck, i would called them suggestions. i'm not pretending!! enjoy!

Pier said...

ham and cheese sandwich for launch today...not a post for an working-day meal!

gianandrea said...

pier, and you still have to coming ones!!