Tuesday, November 21, 2006

any client like this one?

" i spent a really sad afternoon with a model with a glazed face, trying to push some life into her. after that it was totally worthless and i was totally disappointed." this is a letter that henry matisse wrote to a friend on june 1941.
how many times you felt like this after a presentation or a meeting with clients and/or partner advertising agencies?
how many time you had the feeling that the audience around the table just cannot get the point and were wasting your time?

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CK said...

G: I've felt like this a couple times lately. It actually pushed me to tears at one point (but not in front of the client). It's VERY frustrating. I did have a victory lately, too...which helped.

But ahead of me are highs and lows--my challenge is to keep on trying.

gianandrea said...

ck, i'm afraid is in our karma to have highs and lows!
i do remember an issue with a reluctant client few years ago. they were pitched at international level and forced to change agency. so they became our client and they tried to drive us mad in every manner they know. one day their european marketing manager set up a brief for the following year strategy and we debriefied in a very brilliant way. local client got into the meeting saying were all bullshit. the following week, he was fired.

gavin.heaton said...

There are some clients who get it (and you) and others who don't. It would be GREAT if we could pick and choose. But then, perhaps we wouldn't appreciate it when things go our way.

gianandrea said...

right, gavin. as said before it's in our karma (and in a massive amount of luck).