Monday, November 06, 2006

i don't know if you have may same feeling when approaching a client or looking at strategies implemented to launch products.
i feel around a lot of fear. people is scared by the danger of failure or loosing the job.
when you work with subsidiaries, there is a shift of responsibility bottom up: if the hq decided so why i should challenge them (even if i know they are wrong!).
everybody looks at the competitors and what they have done ready to replicate it.
i'm afraid that doing so companies are loosing a lot of opportunity and a lot of talented people who rather prefer to focus on an honorable career than on setting milestones in the business.
what about you?


Gavin Heaton said...

Innovation is a challenge. It requires ownership and commitment. We constantly look for "new product development" rather than "new product innovation" ... doing what your competitor is doing means that you are following a path rather than following your consumers.

Eventually your company AND therefore your career at that company will become smaller and less interesting as new competitors and products emerge. Do you really have a choice?

gianandrea said...

right, gavin. problem is that you are used to have a different kind of companies, i suppose. in italy most of the companies are still family owned and run, so there is poor chance to innovate and to push investment for r&d. in some case it is even more difficult to take decision or try to drive the business. but my experience with multinational companies was not more fun. the client we had real fun was ing direct, a very succesful company here. we set up for them an innovative strategy to create loyalty and retain clients when competitors were offering higher rate then theirs.