Monday, November 13, 2006

an ipsos mori reasearch run in europe on 2.200 interviews provided some interesting results.

- 90% of the french say they are familiar with blogs
- 58% of the italians, 55% of the germans and 51% of the spanish claim familiarity with online diaries
- britons are at 50%
- about a third of the europeans inteviewed said they has been put off making a purchase after negative comments on blogs, while 52% said they bought something after positive reviews.

as trusted information source:

newspaper 30%
blogs 24%
tv adv 17%
emailing 14%

for some more:


Michael Wagner said...

Why are the French so much more familiar with blogs?

Thank you for presenting some very interesting data!w

gianandrea said...

michael, i don't have an aswer about the data for french. maybe they just don't want to admit that do not know something!!!
anyway i'm digging into it to some find some other data.