Thursday, November 02, 2006

do you remind of the ck post about beauty and marketers'responsibility and all the comments?
i found this great ad. what do you think about?


Pier said...

actually wanted to comment on the media agency related post but couldn't...perhaps it was for the better!
after having seen this ad...I still think that many people don't have enough defences against these kind of messages. you may approach (better, you should approach) every communication with a moral code in mind, but it seems to me that there will always be someone that will misread the message and act consequently. then, if an ad is lying purposely, that's diffent!

gianandrea said...

pier, thanks for your comment and let me say welcome on board.
the ad is from a company claiming to produce food without fats, etc.
the issue, as usual, is to know if they claim for good.
stay tuned because we will go again on the matter as well as on the media agency future.