Monday, November 20, 2006

google, you tube and the corporate responsibilities

few days ago, a blogger found on google video a clip with some students beating up a young with the down syndrome.
after that, google removed the video and the story went into a court and the students were detected and kicked out from the school.
on la repubblica, the major italian daily, vittorio zambardino, a journalist and blogger, posted in his blog titled scene digitali (the digital scene) a very interesting article on tuesday, 14 november, and one of saturday, 18 november. the both generated more than 200 comments (really a lot) with some interesting results:

- there is a certain confusion about the medium and the message.
some people say that if google did not displayed the video no one would have known it. other say that they should have call the police
- internet is a free land without boundaries and with no rules and censorship
- some people do not get the point that google, as most of the companies on line, are there to make money
- internet is no longer a place where you may hide yourself. you can be tracked in all you time spent online
- there is a call for a civil reaction
- schools are in danger to become a land with no rules
- technology is amplifying everything as never before
- the user generated content business model calls for a higher control from the companies to avoid illegal contents to hit the net

it's all in italian but worth to give a look.
i'm available for support in traslation.

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