Thursday, November 16, 2006

and they call it summer

this is a special post for masiguy.
mid august at les deux alpes.


CK said...

Hi "G": I love that you're adding graphics to your blog, it's looking great.


gianandrea said...

ck, you do always support me! thanks for it

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

That's summer? Let's Les Deux Alps is at how many meters above sea level?

In San Diego, it doesn't get that cold in December or January! However, we do have a mountain very near us where it frequently snows in the winter. If you have the legs for the ride, you can ride from the sunny ocean, over the snowcapped mountain and down to the heat of the dessert- all in one ride. (We did it one year at my team training camp.)

Thank you for the mention my friend. When you get to San Diego, I'll take you out on a nice ride.


gianandrea said...

well the village is 1.600 but here we were at 2.500.
i've been in san diego three times in my life and i were based in la jolla ;-))).
sure i'm getting there again.

CK said...

Testing to see if this post will allow me to publish...