Thursday, November 09, 2006

internet has played a big role in the us mid term election.
the two parties anyway approached the medium in very different way in terms of planning and tone of the communication.
rimm-kaufman group released a study on this.
even if in italy internet is not so spread as in the us and the politic parties seems rather illiterate on the matter, this is a topic than will become more and more important in the next polls. so give a look and try to learn something.


Pier said...

point is: is Internet an effective medium to vehiculate a political campaign? else, is the main target of a political party a such an internet user to justify an on-line campaign?

gianandrea said...

pier, thanks for these question.
internet may be effective to reach that part of the target, mainly done of younger people, who do not vote because they don't care. i mean we have not to force them to vote but try to make them think about voting and being part of the life of their country. let's consider that the internet target user is no longer a narrow slice of population but a wide range of people from 15 yo up to 50 yo. so it could make sens for a party willing to avoid the trap of the vote for the usual candidates. am i too confident in the media?

Pier said...

most probaly political parties are not confident on the Net as an advertising vehicle. who knows, maybe all the controversier running around this medium made the parties consider it unfit for "moral contents"...

Michael Wagner said...

A good place for a political party or a business is to start by listening to what is being said about the party's candidates or the businesses products on blogs. is a great resource. I suggest clients search and subscribe in order to see what is being said on blogs.

Also, here in the US the Internet has played a role in financial donations to political parties. It has allowed many small donations to be made.

The biggest change for anyone using the Internet is to move from a monologue style of commuicating with the market to that of a dialogue - conversational approach.

Great post, thanks for enlarging the conversation!

gianandrea said...

pier, i'm afraid that politicians believe people to be mostly dumb . at this stage outdoor and tv are enough to tell them anything.

michael, you are right about it. but how many politicians are really willing to hear at the people real requests?

a general question: how far are politicians from their people?