Sunday, November 12, 2006

a couple of days ago, ann handley in the blog daily fix posted an article dogged by dodgy ads. some mail systems do use tune-up that match advertising with email content. this sometimes proves to generate mismatch and weird effect.
most of the readers and bloggers complained about the poor screening capability from supposed cutting edge sites.
today on la repubblica, the major italian newspaper, there is an article about a problem on google video.
under the category funny video an asshole posted a video in which some others assholes are beating a poor boy with the down syndrome in a classroom.
fact is the no one in google take care of what happened until three days ago someone got the video to a judge who order to remove it immediately.
now, several hundreds persons downloaded the video before anyone took an action.
how it can happen?
no one in google video is running some screening about what it is posted?
the association of the parents of down kids has sued google.

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