Wednesday, November 22, 2006

best clients?

these are my two dogs, zen and clone. both recovered from the streets. solid companions went through several changes in my life. they are always pushing me to get up early in the morning, to get out of home no matter the weather, to walk and run five minutes more than the previous day, to explore and be curious, to know other dogs and owners, to talk and share knowledge and information, to spread the information about dogs' food, veterinary, etc.
they do reward me with friendship, loyalty, caring. a rather high remuneration, isn't it?
do our client pay the right money for all the above?


CK said...

what a fabulous analogy from canines to clients! I love that your dogs adopted YOU...isn't it great when the best things in life find us?

Thanks for spotlighting how they encourage "share", that is what life and the blogosphere are all about.

Please keep us updated on the pooches--healing vibes to Zen!

CK said...

P.S. Btw, did they bark at Tom & Katie when their wedding overtook Italy? I think the Cruise wedding was missing these pooches in their wedding party :-).

gianandrea said...

i would never allow my dogs to be at such a fake party.
saw a couple of picture, today. sooo boring!