Monday, January 08, 2007

a reason to get a bike, a reason to get an alfa romeo?

lately we all have been following masiguy (aka tim jackson) odissey with his car.
to summerize his saturn decided to stop its service and apparently the customer care and the dealer were not able to fix it but get some money anyway.
tim, who is known for being a very nice person, got rather upset, to say the least.
and he is right.
few time ago i posted this comment about car dealers and the poor follow up to sales

while i give all my support to tim and cross my fingers not to face such a nigthmare, i got this article from financial times talking about this issue.
sergio marchionne, the very successful ceo of fiat, the man who brought back fiat from hell and gave a boost to the whole company, gave the new brief about the relaunch of alfa romeo and the key issue of the dealers after sales support.
the process started in uk, where apparently the situation is more challenging and then will be extended to other european countries and to us.
alfa romeo is one of the most renowned brand in automotive market across the world. in the past they produced cars such as the duetto, the stylish spider. its brand is linked to fast sport cars, to the race. see the brera coupè.

why this is so crucial from an italian point of view?

  1. fiat is the real last big industrial company in our country
  2. it has a long history of being technically a failure
  3. it appeared to be oriented to cash as soon as possible than to invest in r&d
  4. did not market some great tech innnovation born there ( the common rail diesel was a fiat patent)
  5. this approach marks a real turnaround in the italian mentality
if this process is successful and is extended to the other brands, fiat may become the new toyota.

am i too optimistic?


Lewis Green said...


Following the movie "The Graduate," every young American male wanted an Alfa Romeo. But when we made our wish come true (not me but several of my friends), we discovered that we had to become mechanics to keep them running.

Of course, that was four decades ago and Americans have short memories. If Mr. Marchionne keeps the Alfa Romeo's great sylishness and installs an engine that keeps runs and needs little to no maintenance, who knows what can happen?

gianandrea said...

lewis, yes the graduate was the movie which launched alfa romeo in the us. the duetto is still a dream car for few aficionados. i'm rather confident that marchionne will succeed.

Gavin said...

Hey G ... I am an Alfa lover ... have had a 156 for the past 4 years and it has been very reliable (tough wood). It was billed as the model that had a breakthrough in reliability -- and it has been true in my case.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I LOVE Alfas! I wanted one so bad. They sponsored a small pro team here in the states too and the team looked hot on their De Rosa bikes and Alfa cars... man I wanted to get on that team so bad (but was far too slow).

Italian cars are so classicly italian with their sense of style, grace, beauty and elegance. I was there for two weeks last summer and just drooled over the cars. Loved them. I too hope that FIAT and Alfa can regain their greatness and really become powerhouses. My personal favorite though; the old Bugati cars.

Thanks also for the mention (and your comments) of my car saga. Depressing, but in the end merely a bunch of metal and plastic. Nothing bad happened in the end and I am trying to simply move on... though it is proving difficult.

gianandrea said...

tim, it's a pleasure to have you back. at the end of the day you are right: we are talking about an assembly of plastic and metal. but when this bunch is made with passion, you can feel it. that's why, even beautifully crafted and technically advanced, i do not like cars as audi or bmw: too cold to me.

Anonymous said...

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