Tuesday, January 02, 2007

saddam and the marketing trap

no one, who's not really dumb, could really believe that saddam murder video would have remain secret or censored.
and thousands of people flocked to see the last minutes of life of one of the most brutal dictator in history.
but not me. i'm not going to see the video. i'm not falling in the trap of generating traffic and advertising revenue on google or you tube to see the video.
and please do not bother me telling that this is journalism. speculating on a man's death is not journalism.
it's probably because i'm european and do not believe in the death penalty. it's probably because i feel very annoyed when looking at pinochet funeral with military parade and the church blessing.

how many times we are trapped by ethically poor brands who sell their products through sex or violence? how many times advertising agencies with poor creative approach choose tricky execution to get some publicity for low quality products?


Lewis Green said...


Like you, I, too, oppose the death penalty. But that is not why I won't watch the video tape.

As a former journalist, I can confidently agree that showing Saddam's death is neither good journalism nor necessary to telling the story. Instead, it is cheap and morbid marketing designed to do no more than to increase readership and viewership.

It is shameless and does not deserve our attention.

gianandrea said...

lewis, i agree with you. and this is my meaning, too.

Karen Shanley said...

I completely agree. I do not want those images in my consciousness. Enough already.

Gianandrea, thanks for visiting my blog. I've added you to my z-list. Hope it helps spread your intelligent and interesting blog to many others.

By the way, your dogs are beautiful! :)

gianandrea said...

thanks to you karen for visiting and for adding. as i love so much my dogs (and all the dogs in general) your blog and the d blogs list is real pleasure to me

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you guys. We are not God, who are we to decide which person deserves to die!!?? I didn’t watch the video either, just hearing about it makes me sick.