Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The crowded shelf

You get inspired when you do not expect it to happen.
In the movie "In her shoes" there is this vignette:

Old man facing a crowded shelf in a market.
An old lady look at him and say:"You look confused, what's on?"
" I have to buy a soap but look here: all this choice. At the end of the day it's a soap!"
And the lady:" Buy the basic one"

Have you ever thought that too much offer may affect a market?
You spend tons of money to develop new products for the 35/37 y.o. male, slightly bald, no taller than 5,9, because this is where you feel you can make some more margin and because competitors do, and left behind other customers.

When we follow a hype, a trend or whatever you want to call it, we should keep in mind not to harm our source of business.
Don't do it for the sake of do it!

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Lewis Green said...


And that's where we come in. Great and credible marketing campaigns make products crowded within like products jump off the shelves.