Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the new year challenge: #1

#1: set up a definition of the freedom of speech and contents which fit with an agreed and shared vision of ethic.

in the last months there were several issues of videos, uploaded on you tube and others, reporting violence, pornography, etc.
the discussion was raised about the limit or the limitlessness of internet as far is concerning the above topics.
there are people ready to fight to keep internet a land of absolute freedom without boundaries and people who believe it's time to fix some basic rules to keep it a safe place.

old style remedies just don't work, censorship is not the answer.
there are too much money around, too much hungry people and the net is far too complex to think to control it.
let's give a look to this new york times article:


in my personal opinion internet is a media and this means that it's not good or bad in itself.
it something upon us and it's probably something more offline than online.
what do you think?
have you any remedy ready, yet?


mindblob said...

Hello Gianandrea,
Interesting post, really. I've been reading many posts on the emergence of internet vs traditional media and I think you're right.

"in my personal opinion internet is a media and this means that it's not good or bad in itself." - Yes, indeed... the content is managed by people and internet is just a canal of communication detached from its content.

"old style remedies just don't work, censorship is not the answer." - Yes, indeed. From a blogger's point of view, I think there is some kind of an auto-censorship of sites and content. People will relay and support sites they feel connected to. Just like the Z-List debate about Seth's Squidoo page that turned out to be twisted. At the end of the day, the positive effect of the Z-List is more effective than ever. Good blogs and contents were linked and discovered. ; )

gianandrea said...

hi, there. thanks for your comment. i would add to the seth'squidoo page issue that probably the story went over seth original goal. i mean it's clear for everybody who have read seth's blog that he doesn't need advertising for himself. but he failed in foresee the human greediness for readers and success.
we all look for readers but the way to succeed can be very different. and this is true for contents, too.