Wednesday, January 03, 2007

are we looking from the correct angle?

this morning i was reading an inspiring post from darren herman.
he tells the story of how a friday evening with his girlfriend's nieces make him thinking on some topics: where ugc is created? and how important is the world off line? youtube and myspace creativity is mostly coming from offline?
the article is amazing because we often forget to look at simple things and forget that there is a whole world outside the screen of our computers.
and it's amazing because it does remind me of a lesson that my nephew (at that time 6 y.o.) teached to me. he was playing tetris at his own computer and i try to explain him the rules and that hiw way was the wrong one. his answer was : look at what a beautiful figures we can draw!


CK said...

nice post especially because of the flow and the questions you posed. Love the photo.

gianandrea said...

my beloved nephew. he scared all of us with some xmas tricks.