Wednesday, January 10, 2007

apple, a ..... company

as darren herman correctly report apple is no longer a computer company.

but where i do not agree with him is about the timing of the event.
he reports the event which took place yesterday, during steve jobs' presentation, when the word computer disappeared from the screen. apple computer became apple inc.
yes but this is the facade only.
i believe that since the ipod launch apple stopped to be a computer company to become an entertainment and communication company.
  1. a mac is an entertainment center with built-in webcam
  2. the ipod is apparently isolating people but it’s about music and concepts ( through podcast) sharing
  3. i-tunes allows sharing users’ compilation
  4. .mac allows you to enter in a community
  5. iweb allows you to create websites and blogs in minutes and share them
  6. it was the first company with successfully sold music and let's about tv programs and movies
  7. and let alone pixar as for the entertainment
  8. iphone will allow to complete the entire process with a wider screen than ipod
and it all started three years ago.
by the way, santa brought to me a brand new macbook pro 15": as you can see from my face, it's a dream machine.

disclosure: i do not work for apple, i'm not a stockholder even if i should be entitled to have some of them for having financed largely the company buying its products since 1995 ;-)


mindblob said...

Hello Gianandrea,

Definitely right. It's "done" already... or to be more exact, transition is done. It is obviously a long term strategy and revealing the new name yesterday is like pointing the top of the iceberg and say : "ok, ok... you saw the waves when we move, so here we are". Smart guy, smart company, smart phone.

I like your picture, you surely look like a happy user. I am a happy mac user since 1990 but first discovered and used the Apple II in 1985 (Whew! Time is flying!) ;)

Gavin Heaton said...

You know, I get the Mac-love deal ... but I think it is ENTIRELY one sided. After finding out that iTunes was spying on me I lost a lot of faith in the company ... and just try getting the big A to sort out a faulty iPod ...

They may have product design and marketing down-pat, but there is a long way to go for them to bring customer service into the mainstream. Their products are leading the way ... let's see how the rest of the experience plays out.

Fessin' up: I have an iPod, but use PCs

gianandrea said...

mindblob, i always used mac at home (probably because i'm rather nerd from a tech point of view) and few times in office. just to cross the comment with gavin point, i was lucky enough not to have problems with my macs, with ipods. and about itunes spying, yes i understand your feeling. but do you really know that no other service is not spying us? my blog is based on a google platform: shouldn't i expect google to give a look into my post and personal data? i would feel naive about. anyway, they have to show how they perform everyday, as any other company.

Gavin Heaton said...

I am a lover of conspiracy theories ... I am absolutely certain that Google is able to aggregate a lot of data from their free and other services that is fed into their customer insight programs (Larry/Sergey, if you are reading this, I would love to come work for you ;)).

And, being a bit of a techie, I do try to go to some lengths to maintain a hold over my personal information etc. But every now and then I am surprised to find my name somewhere or to get some unsolicited email.

gianandrea said...

larry, sergey if you want my resume just give a look at the linkedin link in the home page.
gavin, do you remember the amazon mail i got? i suppose that's what you mean.

Gavin said...

Yes ... like that Amazon email ... but worse -- and potentially more invasive.

Just because you can't see them doesn't mean that they aren't looking for you ;)