Thursday, January 11, 2007

iphone: is that a phone? or is that far more than a phone?

reading david pogue article about iphone i got to a rather unexpected point.
are we talking about a phone or have we all been shortsighted?
yesterday the debate was about the price, the cool factor, steve jobs' dressed in brown and not in black, apple no longer a computer company, etc.
but today, out of the noise, looking at all the tech specification this is not a phone. it far more than this: it's a mobile information, connectivity and entertainment center.
you can browse internet looking at the real web page appearance, it concentrate all the apple tech in one single portable device.
there are some grey area as stated by david but they will be probably fixed before the launch: at least we hope so.
so what?
apple demonstrate another time that it's a different company.
like or not, they are 10 years in advance to any other company and make the microsoft zune a prehistoric device: nice, but we did it three years ago!

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Lewis Green said...


The Iphone seems like an amazing jump forward in technology. But, to be honest, I won't be a customer. For me, when I'm away from my gadgets in my home office, I need a break from all this stuff. How does one get away to take a breather if their phone becomes their office?

Pier said...

Even if the iPhone will be is an amazing piece of technology it enters an extremely competitive market, crowded by experienced companies. To me doing so Apple loses its most distinguishing characteristic, or may I say Unique Selling Point, which is to develop products that are different, and in many ways better, from the others. The iPhone is amazing but with so many mobiles allowing you to listen mp3, surf the net, watch TV, etc, is it really so different and new from the rest of the crowd? And while iPod users feel that an iPod cannot be changed with anything else, can we say the same about the iPhone?

gianandrea said...

thanks guys for your comment. lewis, i agree that we need a break from being too tech and busy working.
pier, i suppose that it's different for some reason: the interface which is the userfriendly mac interface, the web browser that shows you an actual web page and not the wap or whatever version, the touch screen, the style and the cool factor.
the product is different because is an apple phone: that's it and it's enough for a lot of people. is it right? i do not know, but as an apple user i believe that there is added value still to be discovered.
btw: nice to see you online on a saturday evening. lol