Friday, January 26, 2007

The Web, the freedom to speech, the need for a rule

Since its very beginning the Web has been a land of freedom with very few basic rules. That's was great since it was a playground for few grown up guys.
Lately along with its growth, the playground get crowded with surfers of any age, gender, religion, etc. and still the very few basic rules.
Now, other than fake marketers and floggers, you can easily find paedophiles, nazis, terrorists and a variety of weird people while on the other side of the screen may sit your kids.
There are a lot of debates about the issue: is freedom of speech a treasure to be defended against everything? is there a need for some basic rules?

The question arise because yesterday, the Italian government published a new law about racism and hate for religious and political reasons and this will affect the Web, too.

What's your opinion about? Do you agree on this action?

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Lewis Green said...


I'm a big believer in freedom, even if that freedom results in bad things. Over time, we are better off letting adults do stupid things and then correcting those mistakes, than we are when rules, regulations and laws are created to prevent the few from using the freedoms of the many.

Pier said...

I do agree with lewis comment, altough being Italian I must admit that some people still say that no such things as Olocaust ever existed, and that's the main issue of this law. still, i believe that you can't fight stupidity with laws.