Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Age of conversation, the eBook

As you may know, two smart guys (Gavin and Drew) came up with a great idea: to build a book together with 100 bloggers, from all over the world, about conversation.
This has been a favourite topic since a while now, I had my own post about it, too.
But the interesting thing is to gather 100 persons and ask for a contribution.
I sent my two cents about it, titled about conversation.
What I tried to do is to define the structure of a conversation through my own thoughts and some quotes of writers, artists, philosophers.

The proceed goes to Variety, the children's charity


Valeria Maltoni said...


Welcome to the conversation. That picture reminds me of home. I cannot wait to read the many ways in which we think about conversations.

mindblob said...

Hey... this looks like a very interesting point of view. Conversation is launched between us all already. Can't wait to read you.

gianandrea said...

valeria, we share, as well as with luc, the same curiosity. i try on my side to build a conversation with some famous people of the past. cross my fingers, i got it.
the picture has been taken at the country house of my girlfriend's aunt. the aunt is the lady with white hair, the man is alessandra's father, the other lady is his mate. this is home, in reality.