Wednesday, May 09, 2007

alphabet city

It's time to turn this story into a meme and see what happens.

Valeria Maltoni posted her 4As about blogging.
David Armano did it one year ago with his 4Cs.
Mark Goren set up his 4Ps.
Grigor at Behind the glass describe his 4Ls.

My proposal is to build an alphabet with four words for each letter describing what blog is about.

My letter is I

  1. Innovation - to be one step ahead with the latest information
  2. Information - to get information about the rest of the world and keep my mind open and facilitate the integration
  3. Integration - to approach others without prejudices, to have conversation with them and share thoughts that generate ideas
  4. Ideas - to produce ideas that can really have an impact in my business as well in my life

What about you?


Valeria Maltoni said...

This is very imaginative, Gianandrea. I like it how they each build on each other. I used alliteration in mine, sort of. Let the games begin!

gianandrea said...

hope this works, valeria.
it can become an interesting meme.

Cam Beck said...

I love it. You can call it the "Scrabble Meme." I don't envy the person who has to take up Q or X. :)

gianandrea said...

cam, better choose yours now....

Mark Goren said...

Great initiative here, Gianandrea! Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I Am Blog said...

When I first saw the post on Behind the Glass for L I thought it was brilliant and I added B a couple days ago in draft and posted it today. I will edit and add your I, plus tags.

Lady Rose said...

Just post for the letter S

gianandrea said...

thanks for spreading the meme. i add the links to your posts.

I Am Blog said...

Update on Alphabet So far - A, B, C's plus E, F, I, M, L, P, S, W, Y

Haven't found any others yet - but it's growing!

gianandrea said...

so happy about this.
thanks for updating.