Friday, May 11, 2007

green is the colour of money

Enviroment is becoming a business and, if it will succeed, we have a higher chance to keep our world alive.
Italian newspapers are filled with adv from major utilities company, such as Eni, Sorgenia, and manufacturers of lighting systems, such as Guzzini, Beghelli. All these ads have in common the message: save on electricity through a responsible and efficient lighting system.

Advice such as: do not leave appliances on stand by, adoption of low intensity light bulbs, computer assisted light system, etc.

What I find interesting in the approach is that no one of the company lose time talking about the future of the world, the eco system, etc. They go straight on the saving concept.
The eco concept is in the bodycopy, as an additional benefit.

Is it the same in the US or in other European countries?
Is that a new trend?


Lewis Green said...

The utilities are always good at telling customers how to conserve. I want to know what they are doing to reduce emissions and keep water clean.

Mario Vellandi said...

That's encouraging to see.
In southern california, the big power company has radio ads advising individuals on ways to save electricity. The water authority also plays some ads too to the same effect.
The same type of general sustainable living tips are offered as part of the local news stations throughout the summer.

gianandrea said...

lewis, it's same question i have, but we should start from somewhere and this is probably a good first step.
mario, i do expect that in the affluent neighborohood, consumption of water and electricity are higher than in the poorer, but the message about a sustainable living should get a grip earlier.