Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Any new news?

The world lives with the paranoia of the latest news: we must be updated, we have to know the latest piece of information and the first who get it is the winner. Wait, the winner of what? If by chance I should be the first to know about a new way to cure a disease, this means that I could be able to use this information appropriately? The winner still should be the one who use it better and smarter.
A post from down under Servant of Chaos (ok, it's Gavin) talk about the chaos of influence.
A post create some ripples that seem to disappear and then, all of a sudden, an influencer get into the playground and make the post live and spread, no matter how old it is.

Blogs do not necessarily live on the latest news but on the content relevance.
It's content and analysis that bring in readers and commenters and eventually create your social network.


Lewis Green said...


Great post! I agree: The winner isn't the one with the most information, it is the one who knows how to use that information.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for articulating this so succinctly...

"blogs do not necessarily live on the latest news but on the content relevance"

...and I guess 'relevance' is a personal interpretation.

gianandrea said...

@Lewis-the way we use information is the way to create addded value to our business.
@Charlotte-thanks for reading and commenting. You got it: relevance is personal and has to be seen in a larger frame of reference for a whole understanding.