Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Better work few minutes more

A quick update on The 4-Hour Workweek.
I've got a mail by Tim Ferriss who probably did not get my question (of course, it may be a fault of mine as I write in a foreing language).
Anyway my question was:

i'm very curious to read your book but, as i live in italy, no chance to get the audible version.
any suggestion?

The answer is:

Hi Gianandrea,

Thank you for your email. You should be able to download the audiobook at, or you can download the ebook at .

Thanks so much!


The problem is:

at Audible the book is not available for outside the US
at Powells it is in pre order and I did not spent other time to check is there is the same problem

It is the same problem I detected by myself and which made me send a mail.
After three days, I got a mail with a useless answer.


CK said...

Hi G: To be fair, I did receive a delightful response from Tim after I posted a comment on his blog. I just wanted you to know.

I think your feedback is very helpful--you guys sure have taught me many good lessons. As a result? I've benefitted and improved immensely.

gianandrea said...

Ck, I'll be more than happy if I get a useful answer.
But you know you are a highly recognized blogger.

CK said...

You doubt how recognized you are...and so quickly. I remember when you were just starting out--you were among the first comments at one of my first posts at Daily Fix!

gianandrea said...

I had the feeling it was a smart move to post a comment to your post!!
You know I'm always disappointed when I fell I do not get a reasonable fair answer and, more than ever in this situation, because I reached his website after having read great comments. Maybe I'm over reacting.

Lewis Green said...


I agree with you but.... It looks like you are going to have to write Tim again and explain that you need an audio version for use in Italy or at least a book on tape. He mayu not understand your challenge. Like CK, I always appreciate your comments and am glad that we are good friends.