Monday, May 14, 2007

the copyright issue for the 100th times

two good news this morning.

the first one is that some smart guys are getting into sort out the copyright issue without making lawyers benefitting of all the revenues.
fast company reports of this model that may help in producing revenue for any stolen video.
i see some clear benefit here:
  1. stop useless and expensive legal action
  2. stop trying to face the tech evolution with last century approach
  3. contribute to spread the creativity
  4. make some positive pr to the industry
how it works?

"PodZinger's spiders will in time be able to track down specific video content on command--a clip from last night's Daily Show, for example, or everything that belongs to Comedy Central--and insert an ad into each segment, no matter where it is playing"

does it work?

we should hope yes, because it can be the first step to a newer and smarter approach to the unstoppable evolution of the web.

for the full article:

the second news is the this is my post #100.
i wish to thanks all the readers and everyone who just passed by.


Mario Vellandi said...

I read the same article earlier today. The audio identifying aspect of PodZinger is pretty advanced, though about 70% accurate in all for now. Interesting....we'll have to see what happens

gianandrea said...

mario, thanks for your comment. i see it as the chance to think differently and not get stucked in an issue.

Lewis Green said...

Good post and congratulations on your 100th. You are doing great!

Michael Wagner said...

Rejoicing with you on posting #100!

Your fresh perspective and direct style tend to stir my Iowa brain on a regular basis.

Keep creating,

gianandrea said...

@Lewis - maestro!
@Mike - direct style is a must when writing in a foreigner language! Thanks for reading.