Monday, April 16, 2007

Rome, May 12, 2017

Few years ago, the devil in the internet world had one face. This one:

Scaring, isn't it?

Today, we live in a perfect world where some wise and nice looking guys have made our life easier and better.

This guy has put his hands over the music system, the movie market. Any song you want to download, any movie you want to see, you owe him a royalty. The box office is no longer based on the ticket sold but on the download from his network of web sites. He manages the most important artists and organize their tours around the world and the merchandise. (Rumors say he is keeping Mickey Mouse as a hostage but, as shown in the picture, they are very good friends!!!)

These two guys just bought internet. A stated in this latest news, google just made an offer in cash to buy the whole internet with huge benefit to the end users.

Seriously, don't you feel a little uncomfortable with the power that all these guys are concentrating in their hands?


Stephen Denny said...


The nice guy holding Mickey hostage controls about 8% of the global music downloads, if I have up to date enough info. And he's not making much of a dent in the movie business, if "The Thomas Crown Affair" is the #1 selling film.

MS is dealing with its fair share of headaches, open source and Google being (more than) two of them.

And the Google guys better look out for an alien invasion (I'm not really sure who they need to look out for, to be honest).

None of them can set market prices (OK, Gates almost can, for the moment), so I'm not ready to panic.

gianandrea said...

stephen, i would not be surprised is steve jobs should come up with a deal with any of the movie majors. maybe the iphone has a screen wide enough to view a movie, while the ipod video is definitely too small ( for me, at least). the google guys are trying to give a new direction to the advertising world, step by step: problem is that today i do not see anybody able to compete with them from a financial point of view as well from a vision point of view. better watch out earlier..

Lewis Green said...


I'm not scared but I do believe that, like all industries, growth and market share will be concentrated in a few companies. That is how capitalism works.

Those with deep pockets can buy those with less deep pockets, and many of us want them to. It is our exit strategy.

gianandrea said...

lewis, untill there are at least a few companies. my problem begins when there is one company for each segment: google for the search engine, apple for the music, etc. this is not yet the reality, today, but it may become in few years.

CK said...

Ah, the few control the many. A great post my friend--and your layout and graphic continue to get better (kudos).

It can be alarming but what is nice is just how fast news spreads and how, in our society, we can tear down those we build up.

I love that you said he's "holding mickey hostage".

gianandrea said...

ck, i hope so.
but the way google is building its business is alarming.
we are googled (the copyright is by lewis green), so are our information. untill the company decide to use them in a fair way, not a big deal, but.......