Thursday, May 03, 2007

a greener apple

i know, and you should know, too: i'm an apple addict.
but you must admit it: this is a bold move.
for the first time ever, steve jobs is addressing the company policy to be a greener company, and a more transparent one.

a greener apple


Lewis Green said...

I have used Macs and PCs but for the past 20 years have stuck with the PC. But your post really isn't about preferences, it is about a company promising to be greener. I support any business that makes that choice.

Valeria Maltoni said...

I'm with Lewis on this one. Any company that has a long-term plan for sustainable work has my vote... and my dollars. I've started to deny purchases and profits to companies that do not. It's time we choose to send a message that this is important.

gianandrea said...

lewis, you got the point. and, as valeria says, we as customer have a great power. this seems to be the time when more and more companies are turning to a greener model.