Friday, December 08, 2006

rock the kitchen, issue #2

as the season's holidays are approaching, the weekly dinners are more and more frequent.
so be prepared for an overload of food and wine (and beer).
on wednedsday, we have a friend for dinner ( hannibal the cannibal, i suppose).
fabiana is a very good friend of us, used to work with me and two years ago went to london to be part of the starcom staff on p&g account.

entrèe king prawns on toast
main course chicken breast with mixt vegetable wok fried

entrèe take two king prawns for each person and leave the skin and the head. marinate them with a vinaigrette of oil and curry ( three table spoon olive oil and a tea spoon of curry for 8 king prawns). cut 8 slice of french bread and toast them. squeeze a tomato on the bread. in the meantime grill the king prawns for two minutes. then put a king prawn for each slice of bread, add some other vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

main course put 800 gramms of chicken breast, chopped, in the wok with a table spoon of olive oil. brown it. take away and in the same wok add another table spoon of olive oil. add the minced vegetables ( 1 red and 1 yellow pepperone, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 celery stalk, 1 carrot and 1 courgette). cook them for 5 minutes, then cover with beef bouillon and let cook for 20 minutes. add the chicken and allow another 10 minutes. serve with basmati rice.

offer mexican beers or aromatic white wine ( traminer)

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