Monday, December 04, 2006

media agency, part 4

a recent article from the NYT claims that UK is the new hometown for the internet advertising money. UK is outscoring US with an amazing 10,5% share on the overall adv investment vs a 5,6%. and a lot of expectation soared that online may top tv investment in 3/4 years.
but, as always there is a but, there is an expectation of a reduction of investment as online is cheaper than traditional mass media and web 2.0 communication formats are still less expensive than mass media format.
less investment can't cope anyway with the current remuneration structure (a fee, a percentage on the total investment) but should drive agency, media and creative, and clients to negotiate new solutions.
manhours could be ok but, from a client point of view, is difficult to check it.
paid for results could be better but leave the agency in a weakness position because they do no control all the process and performance may be affected by weakness out of their control.
and from a financial point of view, with quarterly report due, this is a hell of a prediction to do: how much i'll be paid next year?

any suggestion?

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