Wednesday, December 06, 2006

bookworm : the new cool

ck, the most charming and coolest mind blogger in town, has developped another amazing project with Marketing Profs: the Marketing Profs Book Club.
what's that? a book club in the virtual kingdom?
yes and it's a cool idea.
get more info here:

or here:

ps: the title is copyrighted by ck


CK said...

Oh, G -- thanks for being so very supportive of me and the marketing community. I am so touched by your post. Sorry it's a late reply but it's been REALLY hectic with the Book Club logistics.

I hope you'll start a discussion group during Book Review. We have every continent represented (except Antarctica - ha!).

Thank you for doing so much for us bloggers by participating your smarts, international flair and kind personality.

Tell Zen & Clone they can be bookworms, too.

gianandrea said...

i sometimes read books to them too. and try to get their perspective ;-)

if they fall asleep the book is not worth reading

i'm anxious to start reading the book and get into the conversation.

CK said...

"ps: the title is copyrighted by ck"

Too cute that you wrote this. I am forever your fan, bello.

Ann Handley said...

Thanks for your support, G....I do believe you were the FIRST sign-up! Maybe CK can vouch for that...?

gianandrea said...

ann, sometimes living in this part of the world is helpful!
a vouch sounds ok.....
thanks to you and ck for this great idea. it's inestimable the added value that dailyfix and marketing profs are to me.

CK said...

G was the 6th sign-up! And for the record...during group review in January I will be getting online with the European segment EARLY in the morning and working YOUR timezone :-).

It's a GLOBAL Book Club and I'm ready to rock with you bookworms near and far :-).

Look for an update tomorrow (Friday) at "The Fix".

gianandrea said...

ck, only 6th? that's disappointing!!
that's a good news: working in our timezone it's a challenge.
i'll look for the update.

Gavin Heaton said...

I don't think CK sleeps at all ... could be all the vampire blood! Just as well with her international profile!

gianandrea said...

you are probably right. even now she is not sleeping at all. just check what us, poor mortal, do write. then all of a sudden a comment or a post freeze us!!!
welcome back, gavin. hope you are part of the posse.