Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Oggetto: Send Me "Lucky"
Data: 20 dicembre 2006 13:09:46 GMT+01:00

Hello from,
Thanks to the recent purchase(s) you made in the Beauty, Apparel, or Shoes stores at Amazon, you are eligible to receive a one-year subscription to the special Amazon edition of "Lucky" magazine, a $12 value. This special edition is available only to Amazon customers, and includes a special supplement, "Lucky SHOPS Amazon," which features every month a set of must-have products at Amazon as selected by the editors at "Lucky."

re: Send Me "Lucky"

as you should know, i did not make any made any qualifying purchase in your beauty, apparel and shoes store in the last two weeks not i did it before.
i understand that my name may be in some way misleading but i can confirm to you that i'm a male, straight, and the free subscription to lucky is rather out of target.
another reason for this, is that i should live in the states to be eligible, while i do live in rome, italy, europe.
i wish to confirm to you that i'm a barnes and noble client and, after having seen this mail, i will remain their client. at least, up today, i received my books and not shoes, heels or whatever.
anyway my best season greetings to you and to your customer care.
sincerely, g.

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Gavin said...

Ha ha ... you are so polite!

gianandrea said...

i try to act as a customer service should!!

CK said...

Why bello, you forgot to thank them...they gave you a GREAT reason for a post.

This has to be one of my favorite posts EVER.

yes, Ever.

gianandrea said...

i should probably place an order with them!

Katia said...

This is hilarious!!! In most cases, I'd blame marketers for their shortcomings in anything foreign, but this time was tricky... not even I, who have my entire surname/last name of Italian origin, could figure that out!

I've been trying to educate people and marketers around me in transcultural marketing, or sensitivity at least, to avoid silly mistakes like that. It makes for a good laugh though :-)

Ci Vediamo!

gianandrea said...

katia, thanks for visiting and posting. it was hilarious, indeed.
ci vediamo,g.