Sunday, December 17, 2006

50th and would like something different

this is my post #50!!!!
and i would liked to post something different that this story about sony flog.

but i came to read this astonishing comment:

After coming clean about the blog, Sony decided to ban further comments on the blog, no doubt in anticipation of a stream of angry complaints from readers. But at least one comment did make it past censors, coming from a person claiming to be an executive with Zipatoni, the agency that worked with Sony to create

"Please know that we approached the client initially with this scenario and they said 'who cares if people find out? As long as it is funny, we do this stuff all of the time,'" the commenter wrote.

just to summarize:

  1. you try to fool us
  2. you were caught
  3. you try to censor the net and the blogosphere
  4. you don't give a damn about prospects and bloggers
  5. you try to fool santa claus
shame on you!
refer to:


Anonymous said...

who do you think you are?

gianandrea said...

the blog owner, my friend. who are you that hide yourself?owreej

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Congratulations G! 50 posts and counting!

Yes, ignoring the values of the blogosphere will come back to bite you in the ass every time. I would have actually expected better from Sony and now my trust in them is a bit damaged. When will companies learn? Hasn't the Wal-Mart story shown them anything?

Again, congrats my friend.

Gavin said...

50 and counting! Congratulations.

I am sure there will be more Sonys and more Wal-Marts and perhaps even more Edelmans ... sad but true ... but then, we can all vote with our wallets ;)

Michael Wagner said...

Congratulations G!

The people who make up Sony's market recognize this kind of pattern from folks like Sony - and it destroys trust.

Thanks for enlarging this meaningful conversation!

Valeria said...

Congratulazioni Gianandrea, you are a natural on this medium.

It's interesting to me how the people who most need to listen in and participate, choose to ignore the conversation altogether.

Lewis Green said...

Congrats G, and keep the good posts coming. You are doing a great job. By the way, to anonymous: okay, in fact more than okay to criticize but have the courage to leave your signature.

gianandrea said...

just came back and found all these messages. thanks to you all for your support. it's very important to me and to this new adventure.
and it will be more and more important for any further step in the blogosphere and, indeed, for my life.
thanks again.

Pier said...

happy 50versary!

it's interesting that while consumers are unusally not so smart about 'fake' advertising on traditional media net surfers/bloggers are incredibly catchy about fakers.

gianandrea said...

and i'm afraid that if we had some times we can catch a lot around!
thanks and loom forward to see you at the barcamp. check this out for more info at the other post.

CK said...

Congrats G...quite a milestone. I'm so proud of you for all you have contributed thus far.

Lookin' forward to the next 50!