Saturday, December 16, 2006

piergiorgio welby, a modern hero for the civil rights

Grazie Welby per il tuo coraggio, la tua generosità, la tua forza

this post as nothing to do with marketing.
this post as a lot to do with marketing, ethic, civil rights.
piergiorgio welby is an italian citizen affected by an impairing and deadly disease: muscular dystrophy.
he now fights for the right to end his life and his pain.
euthanasia is not in the provision of the italian law.
my opinion is that it should be a right for persons affected by deadly diseases.
this is his video sent to giorgio napolitano, the president of our republic.
it's in italian but disease does speak the same language everywhere in the world.
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CK said...

This is so sad. I actually believe that anyone should be allowed to end their life as it belongs to them -- but to have a destructive disease give such a low quality of life then people should definitely be allowed to end the suffering.

Bless him.

gianandrea said...

i believe that individuals should be owner of their life. this guy has no fear of showing himself as he is now to allow everybody to be sole owner of his life. we must honour him for this.