Saturday, December 16, 2006

customer care

my beloved nephew, giacomo, 12 y.o., plays basketball and is a huge fan of kobe.
on the 10th of december, i placed on order on the nba online store: the home jersey of the lakers with the kobe name and number. cool. the original jersey from the states!
i received two mail of confirmation and a bill of 76 usd.
today i got a mail from the store which say:

Dear Gianandrea,
We were unable to ship the item(s) below from order 12656967 due
to a lack of availability from the manufacturer. We apologize for
any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-746-7622 or
internationally at 1-715-261-9588.

NBA/WNBA Store Customer Service

that's it?
dear NBA/WNBA Store Customer Service
get some suggestions:

a) you may offer another version of the lakers jersey (you sell six different version)
b) you may offer another item of the lakers selection of the same cost
c) you may offer other items at a discount
d) you may be quicker in checking your availability ( 6 days seems quite a long time)
e) try not to run out of stock at least on xmas

i was a first time customer and now i'm a never again customer.


Michael Wagner said...

Well said! No native speaker of English could have stated it better.

Keep creating,

gianandrea said...

mike, you know what? after i write to them rather upset they send me an email with a 25 usd discount. and this makes me more upset. without any reaction of mine, they would have not taken any action.

CK said...

You know I might have some patience if this were a small, startup outfit...but a major corp.?

It's like they tried to go out of their way to mess this opportunity up...they obviously don't value you as customer.

Really proud of how far your blog is coming along -- look at the variety of readers you have!

gianandrea said...

i have to admit that this late reaction was worst than the first mail. by the way the first answer was without any name to whom address a complain, while the second one was signed.
anyway i'm a football fan!!
i buy online shirts from brooks brothers and books from barnes and nobles since years now and never had any problem.