Thursday, April 12, 2007

at home with books

reading is one of the pleasure of life. buying books, too.
then the problem is to make a catalog not to buy two times a title or to get quick reference when you write an article or a document.
this morning i want to spend this space to talk of a software, Delicious library, which make this catalogue in a smart way.
when installed, you turn your webcam in a scanner, pass the book in front of the cam, it reads the barcode and the book in recognized and catalogued with all the details.
it works with the amazon database for us, uk, france, japan, germany and france.
you can catalogue cd and movies, too.
as it is a smart piece of software it work on mac only ;-))

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CK said...

I love books ;-)
The bookstress

Valeria Maltoni said...

This looks cool! I have so many books, I could use a catalogue.

gianandrea said...

the bookstress is always right.
valeria, i have always had problem in cataloguing books: tried with several software but this is really the coolest.
the limitation for me is the recognition of the italian books. but i'll try to sort it out.

Lewis Green said...


This sounds like a great tool. I used to organize my books alphabetically by author but my wife refuses to return them to the shelf in any particular order. But with this software, at least I wouldn't buy the same book twice.

gianandrea said...

lewis, you can have on your screen the shelves as you would kike to see ;-)

Sarah said...

LibraryThing, Your Media Library, and Shelfari are all great for cataloging.

Your Media Library is very similiar to Delicious Library (can catalog books, dvds, cds, etc.). But just looking at my stuff sitting there isn't very exciting, so that's why I prefer the community of LibraryThing. Shelfari is pretty, but hasn't been around as long as LT so it's not as interesting to browse.

gianandrea said...

@Sarah - thanks for visiting and commenting. I'll check the links you note here.