Wednesday, April 11, 2007

to whom pay the royalties?

this morning i saw this smart post by maurizio goetz.
and it make me think about the issue of the copyrights and the battle between the majors and the web.

  1. the business of the majors was to invest money to produce a singer or a group and to earn from the lp, cassette and cd sales
  2. singers and bands were getting most fo their money from the live acts
  3. some of these singers and bands made up a form of pension plan with the right to reproduce their music
  4. everyone was living a happy life until technology broken the game
now, my question is should we turn down technology or it's an issue of the majors to change their business model?


Lewis Green said...

Good question. I'm from the old school and believe that artists own what they create, and unless they choose to give us permission to copy their work, we shouldn't.

The new technology makes it easier to copy one's work, but even in the '60s and '70 there were those who attended concerts with tape recorders, dubbed the tape, and then sold the tapes in an underground economy.

gianandrea said...

lewis, in my opinion (and i tried in my comment, too) the majors and the artists are and must be kept separated. the majors are now fighting for their life, not for the rights of the artists.
on the other side, i think the the right to reproduce a song should not last years.