Monday, April 02, 2007

a quick comment about the annoucement of the deal between apple and emi. you know i'm a huge apple fan and i strongly believe that this company has the leadership is the major changes in the music market as we knew.

with this last move, apple is helping the music majors to save their own business, if the majors will get the message.
if not, i suppose that soon we'll see some business to shut down their premises.

anyway, this deal is a smart move for a reason that many commenters in the us may not have seen.
lately, the european commission on behalf of some european countries warned apple to remove the block to reproduce the songs bought on itunes.
this warning could have driven to serious trouble to apple with huge fine, as it happened to microsoft.

apple move was smarter than it seems: the deal was closed with the major european music label.
a sign of good will to gain some more time.

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Valeria Maltoni said...


I would love to have more commentary like this from you. Sometimes we hear news about Europe here yet there is little commentary by people with experience on the ground.

That is also the reason why I've been trying to bring in the Italian angle in my posts.

gianandrea said...

valeria, i have some news about microsoft and the european community troubled relationship. a post for today. hope you enjoy.