Friday, July 06, 2007

This is a bold move from MPAA

MPAA in its war against illegal download has finally taken the boldest move possible:

"has launched a site called MiiVi that's dedicated to busting those that are both in the process of downloading copyrighted content, as well as those that have already engaged in the illicit act. Unbeknownst to download pirates who think MiiVi is a legitimate site, the destination allows users to download whole movies. It also features a downloadable app soliciting "fast and easy downloading all in one great site."

As reported by MarketingVoice.

Now, these guys seem to live at the Flinstones age.
Not only, they are not able to find new business model but spend money and time to try to trick the web.
And get eventually discovered in a couple of months.
Well done, guys.
If I was in the industry and pay for your salary, I would fire you.


Cam Beck said...

Priceless. Nice find.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, the industry is having money problems from spending money on stupid s**t like this?

Jake McKee