Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ethic, honesty, transparency (to be cont'd)

Few weeks ago, I made a post about the Guillaume Prébois, the journalist running the his own Tour the France under medical control in clean condition.

The Tour organization has made a statement to fight against any form of doping and to stay a clean race and banning cyclists who were caught doping or under trial for doping.
A clear marketing move to retain sponsors, sell the race to the TV Stations.

But yesterday something went broken.

A German cyclist has been found positive to an antidoping control on June 8, well before the Tour, but he was in the race until three days ago.

The two major German Television, ZDF and ARD, decided to stop to broadcast the Tour.
Nikolaus Brender, from ZDF on behalf of the two TV channels, said: "We cannot air an event with athlets and teams that may be using drugs. We want to show that we can sustain the movement if and only if it is clean. And this is a message for all the other sports, too."

This is a move that should make all the marketers to think about how the sponsorship in sport events are a delicate topic, how is important to carefully choose the sport and the face to marry your brand.

The fastest is not always the best.
The honest, yes.
At least for your brand.


Mario Vellandi said...

Wow. What a strong reaction, and a shame for german cycling fans. I know those two stations, both being the oldest and widely watched in addition to being a bit conservative.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

It's a true shame too. T-Mobile is working hard to reverse the damage to the team's image. I think it is unlikely that T-Mobile, the company, will continue its sponsorship now. I hope I am wrong, but I really wonder.

Would the stations stop showing the World Cup if the players were caught doping (and they do dope)? I doubt it. Hypocrisy comes out when the money goes up enough.

gianandrea said...

Mario, the two TV stations left the Tour yesterday and came back to Germany.

Tim, I understand the passion behind your thoughts. But, it is to admit that cyclism is the most plagued sport, as well as athletics, by doping. The Tour claim that they were able to keep the race doping-free is now turning against them.
I believe that the movement around cyclism should start to review itself profoundly to keep alive the passion around these sport and these races.
And to keep the money of the sponsors, needed to stay alive!

Lewis Green said...


In the U.S., I am afraid (but hope I am wrong) that drugs plague every professional, college and high school sport. We have left the era when sports were played by gentlemen and gentlewomen.

gianandrea said...

Lewis, maybe the reason why athlets got doped to get faster could turn them to a cleaner approach: money. Money won't stay longer in business disrupted by the doping. Latest news are that major sponsors are reconsidering their support and without sponsors pro-sports are dead.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

And now Vinokourov test positive for blood doping during the Tour.

The sport is in serious jeopardy- I predict a mass exodus of sponsors from the sport.

gianandrea said...

Tim, is a sad moment for this sport. To tell the thruth, when I saw Vino, so badly wounded,still pedalling so fast I had bad feeling about.
The next test is to see reaction from public at the world championship in Germany.