Thursday, July 05, 2007


Well, tags and tagging may be a little boring. We do all our best to avoid e -mails saying deliver to 100 people or you got headache for a weak!
But I have to admit that this is a little different as it make you write something more about yourself. Yes, we do write something about ourselves everyday with our posts and comments. And, lately, I 've seen most of us to turn on a more personal mode.

Anyway, here are Random Things About Me:

  1. I love dogs, sometimes more than humans
  2. I love Pinot Noir Burgundy stile
  3. I love modern art
  4. I have an All Access pass for the Rolling Stones concert in Rome of tomorrow
  5. I have a tattoo with a phrase from Sympathy for the devil
  6. I adore Paris (the city, not the Hilton)
  7. I love to cook and try new recipe for friends
  8. I love Buddhism

And now the tagging for 8 people.

CK - ck-blog
Masiguy - masiguy
Gavin Heaton - servantofchaos
Stephen Denny - note-to-cmo
Pierfrancesco - pier-blog
Simone - simonemorgagni
Drew - drewsmarketingminute
David Armano - darmano

I do not know your reaction to the meme and the tag game but consider this tagging comes from an admirer.

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Lewis Green said...

Well, darn, Gianandrea. "Start Me Up" my friend.

gianandrea said...

i'm on training for the concert... rereading the lyrics, etc.

Pier said...

AAAH avevo anch'io un pass, ma ho rinunciato...mi sa che mi sto pentendo...