Saturday, July 07, 2007

Start me up

Yesterday evening, the Rolling Stones were on stage here in Rome.
As wrote in one of the previous post, I had an All access pass and, indeed, got to the concert.
After two hours of a flood of music, the Stones marked again the huge difference between the great rock and roll bands and most of wannabe music heroes of today.

This short video is a 1,44 minute video dedicated to Lewis Green, who made a comment saying "Start me up".
Even if a couple of days late, this is to celebrate the achievement of 1.000 comments on his blog.
Enjoy, man.

The second video is the tribute paid to Keith Richards. His guitar was the opening of all the songs.
He also sang a blues with Ron Wood at the acoustic guitar.
Rock on ,man.


Lewis Green said...


I have been so busy this week, I haven't made the rounds. Thanks to Luc for sending an e-mail to me. Man, I am started up. I have goosebumbs all over my arms and rushes running up and down my spine.

You're the best. Thank You!

gianandrea said...

lewis, it's a pleasure. the concert was great.