Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Feel free to step in

As life is too easy and I have a lot of free time, I have a new blog along with Bizandbuzz.
Please check:

This is the blog of the restaurant, where you can find information about the activity, as exhibition, parties, news about the city of Rome.



mindblob said...


CONGRATULATIONS ! Wow... as I commented on Dune Restaurant blog : I can't wait to make it to Rome.
Mmmmmmmh ! ! !

gianandrea said...

luc, my friend, thanks. this is going to be a nightmare but it should be a lot of fun, too. i hope.

Valeria Maltoni said...

If you intend to map the domain name to the blog, do it now! My stats will be messed up for months... I was finally able to figure it out for TypePad so if you need help, ask.

That is a beautiful photograph. If only my passport was back from renewal -- two months and counting and no word yet.

gianandrea said...

i have to admit it: typepad is not so user friendly or, probably i'm really stupid.
whenever your passport is ready, there is a table reserved for you.