Friday, March 28, 2008

Look who's talking

A new venture originated by my company, Buzzdetector, has been launched this morning:

Everything you would love to know about Italian election as seen by the net.

The crew behind the project is here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The cleanest line to retain a customer

There is only one company where I really would love to work (other than Buzzdetector, indeed): Patagonia.
The ability to deliver great product, good vibe, clean and discerning approach to the world where we live. And the ability to make a customer feeling confident about the money he spend when purchasing stuff from Patagonia.

I bought few months ago a jacket to ride my Vespa around in winter. Few weeks ago, I ripped a sleeve: my fault. I brought the jacket to a Patagonia store, they took it, send it in Portugal where they have a plant, repaired and send it me back. Cost for this: 15 usd.
This is what I expect from a company and this is what they have delivered.

And, by the way, check their blog, The cleanest line.
It's a great example of selling company value and it is open to employees, customers and friends.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is the adoption of the Web 2.0 only a tactic to save money?

With troubled times ahead and a slowing if not crashing economy, I sometimes think that one of the most powerfull selling tool for the Web 2.0 vs traditional media is the cost.
A tv campaign does cost x times more than a buzz activity, as well as the implementation of a blog does cost much less money than a billboard campaign.
But is this a key fact to sell a project to a client?
Are we tarnishing the inner value of the on line activity making it cheap?

Indeed cost control is crucial and to tell the truth on line metrics are still at an early stage to detect the contribution of each single activity to the bottom line.

What's your opinion?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another call to action

These days are terribly sad to me, as a Buddhist and as someone believing that world should be a better place to live in.
And these days do confirm to me that China is a cancer for a civilized world.
A country where there are no civil rights, no freedom, where thousands of people are send to death every year, where two millions of cats and dogs are skinned alive every year.
A country where communism is still alive.
A country where the communist party and money are the only religion.
A country sending around the world products done violating all the basic rules for our safety and health.

I believe that if we are interested in a better world, in freedom, I believe we have to boycott the Olympic Games.
We were told that the Games were a great way to turn China in a democratic country.
Well, they lied to us.
I believe that we should send to China a strong and clear message that they have to change its attitude.

For the first time since I have this blog, I feel that I'm not willing to accept any criticism to my post.
I feel that I'm so upset with all the people and the corporations that cover their eyes for the sake of money.
I feel that we have to do something to stop China in all these malicious practice.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A pray for freedom

A pray for the Buddhist monks fighting for the Tibet indipendence.
49 years ago, China invaded Tibet and begun an endless list of violence.

Shame on the US that, for money, two days ago delisted China from the countries that violate human rights.

Wanna play with big money? Web 2.0 maybe is not your playground.

I just get into this brilliant post by David Armano.
I do totally agree with him.

Le Roi est mort

Is Roi still a valid definition to measure the result of the activity on the Web?
I believe it's not.

We talk about engagement, trust, conversation and still define the return on the investment.
therefore I suggest to use new definition: Return on engagement, Return on trust.
I will talk about it at the first ever conference about Wom in Italy, on April 2/3.
I run the morning workshop about it.
I called it: Roi and his brothers (quote from a famous Luchino Visconti's movie Rocco and his brothers).

The issue of metrics is crucial in developing clients' trust and a bunch of players are throwing in the market their own solution.
But it seems the war of format between Sony and Toshiba: which standard will prevail?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crap is crap

In this time of neverending exploration of the unlimited frontiers of the web 2.0, we sometimes get lost in thinking that there is a solution for every problem.

So is for our clients.

This new brave world makes marketing dream come true.
I can talk with consumers, show them I much I care, subliminaly introduce my products, turn them to customers. And all of this with less money than the average cost of mass media advertising.

Well, my dear marketers, there is an undeniably truth still around: is your product sucks, it sucks.
No matter how articulate can be your strategy, or the strategy of your agency or consultants, the web will not keep you safe from this reality.

What you can do, now?

Be honest: do not pretend that your product is the best in town
Be transparent: if there is some faults, try to fix them not to hide them under the carpet
Be consistent: choose the resonating strategy and strive for it

Your reputation will be rewarded, then.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Betrayal of the Olympic spirit for the sake of money

The IOC finally disclosed the Guidelines for the accredited participating at the next Olympic Games in China. (via La Repubblica, the doc is the english version)

The limitation for bloggers are the perfect representation of what China think about democracy and freedom of speach.

This is the apotheoses of business vs ideals:
  1. forget about human rights
  2. forget about democracy and freedom
  3. forget animal rights
This is really a sad moment for the western world, this is a sad moment for the democracy and for all the people who believe in freedom.

Now that China is so hot, just think about it.