Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another call to action

These days are terribly sad to me, as a Buddhist and as someone believing that world should be a better place to live in.
And these days do confirm to me that China is a cancer for a civilized world.
A country where there are no civil rights, no freedom, where thousands of people are send to death every year, where two millions of cats and dogs are skinned alive every year.
A country where communism is still alive.
A country where the communist party and money are the only religion.
A country sending around the world products done violating all the basic rules for our safety and health.

I believe that if we are interested in a better world, in freedom, I believe we have to boycott the Olympic Games.
We were told that the Games were a great way to turn China in a democratic country.
Well, they lied to us.
I believe that we should send to China a strong and clear message that they have to change its attitude.

For the first time since I have this blog, I feel that I'm not willing to accept any criticism to my post.
I feel that I'm so upset with all the people and the corporations that cover their eyes for the sake of money.
I feel that we have to do something to stop China in all these malicious practice.


Anonymous said...

Buddhists are the holy race, nothing compare to chinese people, one of these days we will destroy everything that stands in our way with our holy powers and spread the world of Tenzin Gyatso, the only real god on earth.

gianandrea said...

I do not share the idea of using violence. I do believe that HH the Dalai Lama do not condone violence in any way.