Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crap is crap

In this time of neverending exploration of the unlimited frontiers of the web 2.0, we sometimes get lost in thinking that there is a solution for every problem.

So is for our clients.

This new brave world makes marketing dream come true.
I can talk with consumers, show them I much I care, subliminaly introduce my products, turn them to customers. And all of this with less money than the average cost of mass media advertising.

Well, my dear marketers, there is an undeniably truth still around: is your product sucks, it sucks.
No matter how articulate can be your strategy, or the strategy of your agency or consultants, the web will not keep you safe from this reality.

What you can do, now?

Be honest: do not pretend that your product is the best in town
Be transparent: if there is some faults, try to fix them not to hide them under the carpet
Be consistent: choose the resonating strategy and strive for it

Your reputation will be rewarded, then.


Mario Vellandi said...

yes, fanciful marcom and persuasive selling can only go so far, with no room for repeat business or recommendations. Products/services need to be competitive, provide a clear value proposition for a specific audience, and be sold through appropriate channels.

gianandrea said...

Mario, I agree. I have the feeling that we are entering an era more and more challenging for corporates.

Anonymous said...

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