Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trust me! Or, at least, give me a chance.

In my previous post, I tried to figure out marketers and corporations contribution to a better and sustainable world.
And, even if it is not all on marketers and corporations shoulders, indeed we are the people on the frontline.

This morning I found this post contributing to the discussion.
GFK Custom research North America publish this piece of research with interesting results:

  1. consciousness about environment and sustainability is spreading across the world
  2. it's growing
  3. corporations and marketers are expected to play a significant role
  4. corporations and marketers have the great opportunity to play a significant role in the process

But some 70% of Americans don’t think business and industry are fulfilling their responsibility to protect the environment. In addition, 69% of Americans think businesses engage in environmentally friendly behavior to promote their image.

People do not trust in corporation effort and this may prove to be an issue in a world more and more conscious about this topic. But still it is a call for a huge effort to do something and to talk about the action taken to regain people confidence.


Lewis Green said...


Good post. My question: Is it about trust or instead about what we see? I suspect that the poll represents reality and that 70% of businesses are not fulfilling a responsibility to protect the environment.

Valeria Maltoni said...

In a guest post at my blog, Vida Verde Media editor Chris Baskind talked about how it's not easy to be a green marketer

I agree with you, it's not only about marketing - it should be about how businesses are making changes that are substantial and sustainable.

Gavin Heaton said...

Sustainability or corporate social responsibility is very broad and requires businesses to think creatively and deeply about the inputs, outputs, long and short terms responsibilities and so on. Marketing is one part, and can be a great force for telling your brand's story, but these days a story with no substance can be easily discovered.

It's not just what you say, it's what you do ... and the commitment you are willing to take on! Great post, G!

annunci Milano said...

Bel blog. Bravo!