Monday, September 15, 2008

Slicing a cake

The world is changing fast.
This morning the world woke up with some news, just to mention some:
  1. Lehman Brothers is going bankruptcy
  2. the North Pole ice is thinner, day after day
  3. 53% of the Italian population is not in the condition to shift from one social class to a higher one
  4. a deadly virus is threatining the Chilean fish farm
Apparently there is no connection between these issues, but truth is that there are strong links.
The world ecosystem, econony, environment, personal, needs a new deal.

As stated in the new book of Thomas Friedman " Hot, flat and crowded", we need someone to lead the pack out of this situation.
Politicians have to play their role in this game, but marketers and corporations have to play a significant role, too.

Technology, politic and business are totally interactive today and must work in the same direction: a better world with less greediness, more discerning and open minded.

We have one and only one world to live in. No second chance.

What can we do as marketers?
Can we help out clients and our companies to accomplish this task?

The power that technology put in our hands is far more bigger than ever, the vision of the future is far more clear than ever.
  1. do not stand for the best short term result but look for the bigger picture
  2. a dollar more earned today may cost to everybody a thousand tomorrow
  3. reconsider the social cost of any action we take or we suggest to take
  4. sell better not sell more
  5. built something that last
These are my points.
But I like to have yours, too.


Anonymous said...

Your points are really interesting, and they make me think about corporate social responsability. I mean, how can we involve companies in a real CSR, so that it could be effective for people, society, and environment? Can it represent a useful 'tool' for marketers in order to create sustainability?

gianandrea said...

Thanks for commenting. CSR is a first step towards a better marketing. But I believe that changes must be more radical if we want to get out alive from this moment. I truly believe that this point is a real turnaround.