Sunday, June 24, 2007

A new blogger toolbox

A great new suggestion from Drew's marketing minute: the new blogger toolbox.

Et voilà the suggestion for the new bloggers around:

Conversation Agent by Valeria Maltoni
- a great thinker who write in a clear yet articulated way
Bizsolutionplus by Lewis Green - the ethic approach to business and to blogging and god knows how we need it
Servant of Chaos by Gavin Heaton
- the down under look to our world making you see things from a different perspective
Webware by Rafe Needleman and others - I like the fresh insight to cool web apps
Note to CMO by Stephen Denny - a cool way to tell to CMO to wake up

Hope you'll enjoy these blogs and find them useful and inspiring.

And do not forget: this is not a "if you're tagged, jump in" sort of thing. If you know of some great resources...jump in. If you got named -- please, by all means jump in too!


Drew McLellan said...

Excellent list! Thanks for jumping on board. It will end up being a very helpful and powerful list.

We can help everyone be better.

Please let your readers know that we'd love to have them join us!



Valeria Maltoni said...

Grazie, Gianandrea. Sei molto gentile. And I see I am in very good company.

Lewis Green said...

I agree with Valeria. Sei molto gentile. And grazie, Gianandrea.

Stephen Denny said...

Gianandrea: thanks for the post - (I'll echo what Valeria and Lewis said, whatever they said) - have you read Grant McCracken's blog ( It's a good read!