Friday, June 08, 2007

It's no longer the new news but the relevance of the news

When I first started to blog, my focus was on the latest news and on writing something with strict connection to marketing (or at least the serious side of marketing) because the blogs I read was consistent in this approach.
But lately this way of blogging has changed and shifted from marketing to relationship.
Wait, I'm not saying we are no longer writing on marketing. The approach has changed: we blog about personal aspects of life, about relationship.
We do not forget that the job of the marketers is to advice on how to sell brands and products to customers, but they are no longer customers only but human being.
And the relationship between our bloggers has followed this path.

I'm more confident that there is a way to sell brands and products which is smart and transparent and honest.
A way where customers are not only grps or clicks or whatever measure you need to use but persons.

And across this path, this group of bloggers, I'm linked to, became a community.
We don't consider ourselves for the number of links but for what we are and what we say.

My approach has changed too:
it's no longer the new news but the relevance of the news.
Being the first to write about is not important to me is I have nothing relevant to say about.


Mack Collier said...

I hear you G, I'd rather read bloggers' takes on the news, than them report it. I guess we all continue to let our blogging voices evolve over time, eh?

gianandrea said...

mack, this should be our goal: evolve along with the blgosphere evolution.

Toby said...

Gianandrea - It's great fun to watch how blog/bloggers evolve content and voice. I love reading the first few posts and then current ones. Brings home that blogs are not static web pages but "real", live people.

Back in the '90's the Marketing Research Assoc ran a campaign called, "Your Opinion Counts." Perhaps with the onset of social media marketers should update that to "Your Voice Is Heard."

Lewis Green said...

Nice post Gianandrea. As my editor says, your readers want to know what you think not what someone else is saying.

gianandrea said...

toby, thanks for your comment. a mobile company used to have this claim: make yourself heard.
lewis, right. and this is why i love your posts about rock. they are something about you.

Mike Wagner said...

Super thoughts G!

Without relationship we are for the most part guessing at what relevance might be.

Some are better than others at guessing.

But I prefer the "no guessing" path. And that is why relationships come first for me.

Thanks for sharing what you are seeing.

Keep creating,

Roger Anderson said...

Ciao G,
I read somewhere that only 8% of web users read blogs on a regular basis. So, are we just talking to each other?

Makes me think of Franco Battiato - "Arrivano i Buoni..."
So, che sia da un po' di tempo fa, ma era quando abbitavo in Italia.

Gavin Heaton said...

Too true, G! I love the way that ideas can come back around and that old posts can have new life. It also makes us think about how important a long-term story and relationship is between brands and customers.

CK said...

Yes Bello, I'm right there with you. Thank you for this post ;-).